Summer School on Big Data

Take the opportunity to become familiar with the research on Big Data and understand how it is already transforming Information Technology.

Big Data research is attracting more and more attention both from academia and industry, but an in-depth understanding of the area is necessary to fully realize its opportunities. People and machines are creating and sharing all kinds of structured and unstructured data. Due to advancements in sensor and hardware technology, data intensive applications for Science and industry in different areas, such as Oil&Gas, Electricity, Biology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Nuclear Physics, Entertainment and Finance, are dealing with ever-growing amounts of data. Prediction based on the analysis of these huge amounts of data can add tremendous value for people, business and society as a whole. And the trend is just beginning. Computing tends to become pervasive, with sensors everywhere, generating data that are used by all kinds of devices and services. It is estimated by experts that by 2020 the amount of generated data in the world will be 50 times greater than it is today.

Data size is just one part of the problem. The number and variety of the sources as well as the speed in which data need to be processed are other key features that have to be considered. Either alone or combined, these features create tough challenges to be addressed related to storing, processing, visualizing and, more importantly, discovering how to analyze and leverage Big Data.

In this context, EMC, as a strategically positioned company in the areas of Big Data and Cloud Computing, invites Computer Science graduate students, faculty and practitioners to become familiar with this fascinating research agenda by taking part in the Summer School on Big Data.